Ginette Reno

Three years ago, when I decided to make rosaries, I wanted to offer my family, my children, my grandchildren, my siblings and my friends something that would be made by me. Each year, for the holiday season, my daughter Natasha often gives me something she made herself and I am always impressed. I started making rosaries when Karlo went to study Murano glass-blowing. I felt very lonely, which was therefore a reason to keep busy. In two and a half years, I have made five hundred rosaries that I offered or gave away for a donation to my fondation.

I found myself recently in Le Salon des Arts Décoratifs with my daughter after two day, I almost sold all the rosaries that I had made. I sold them for so little, I wanted to please everyone. With the help of Karlo, we made about 40 more in 2 days and sold them all.

Currently, I have a request for two thousand rosaries. I know that if I create rosaries full time, I could make about 120 rosaries a month at a rate of five per day. The only downside is that I am not able to meet demand because so many people are asking me and I am a very busy woman.

It's disappointing for some people who desperately want one, I am well aware. That's why I'll keep your request on file.

When I started making rosaries, I did it in joy and prayer. It was just my way of blessing them. But now it's as if I felt pressure on my shoulders, as if I was responsible for failing to meet demand. I do not want this to become an obsession. Just last weekend, I made five and I was obsessed as if I wanted to be able to meet all your needs. I can see how I'm hypersensitive.

I could easily have them manufactured in in China but it would not be right and I would not feel good about myself.

If ever, after reading my story, you still want a rosary, I will keep your name on file and try to slowly meet the demand.

Thank you for your understanding
Ginette Reno

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